The family business GRUMBACH has developed, produced and sold pre-fabricated bathrooms and showers for more than 30 years.
Grumbach pre-fabricated bathrooms are ideal for the renovation and modernisation of old buildings such as hotels, guesthouses, apartments and commercial buildings, etc.
Grumbach pre-fabricated bathrooms are delivered in elements (wall elements, floor parts, ceiling and door).
Assembly and connection can take place on site in record time following the building block system.

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Pre-fabricated bathroom Basis

The star of the pre-fabricated bathrooms. Previous experience has shown that pre-fabricated bathroom LONDON can be used in 50% of all cases.
The dimensions: Width x Depth x Height = 224 x 104 x 226 cm

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Pre-fabricated bathroom Universal

This elegant pre-fabricated bathroom can be used anywhere, because it can be installed in both the left-hand and right-hand corner of the room.
It requires less than 3m2 floor space!

The dimensions: Width x Depth x Height = 170 x 170 x 226 cm

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