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Pre-fabricated bathroom SENIOR

The Grumbach pre-fabricated shower SENIOR is equipped with the latest anodized, swinging doors made of artificial glass.
Inside the shower cabinet, the bench and the thermostatic fitting provide a comfortable showering experience. The low access height into the 90 x 90cm shower tray is only 17cm! Access can be made even easier by fitting a support rail.
The external 25 litre hot water tank is one of the special extras of this high quality pre-fabricated shower SENIOR

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The Grumbach pre-fabricated showers STANDARD and SOUVERÄN

are optimally suited for hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, hobby rooms or in industrial properties or as a second shower.
The pre-fabricated showers consist of high-quality plastic (PS) and are complete and are equipped to a high standard.
They stand out due to the high level of price/performance ratio that means: clear, rational design proven technology and of course sensible prices.
Pre-fabricated showers can be fitted in record time almost anywhere without any problems.
If there is no warm water connection the showers can be delivered with an integrated 20 litre warm water tank or alternatively – for more showering pleasure –with a separate 25 litre warm water tank. If there is no wastewater connection the pre-fabricated shower can be delivered with an integrated wastewater pump.
The electric parts are accessible from the front without the disassembly of the pre-fabricated shower.

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