Grumbach Universal drain with clamp flange

Flat roof programm

Grumbach offers the largest range of products for flat roofs. You will find practical solutions for every possible application.

Sanitary blocks

Our elements made of PUR for an innovative pre-wall installation make planning and installation considerably easier, even for »problem baths»!

Shower floor systems

Shower base elements made of PUR on robust support elements – that is the resilient Grumbach solution for the quick installation of floor-level showers.

Prefabricated bathrooms / Prefabricated showers

Time-, cost- and space-saving in planning and assembly, easy to transport, fully equipped, durable, resilient and easy to care for.

Problem solutions from practice

Welcome to Grumbach!

Our family company has existed since 1938 and has been developing, producing and distributing innovative sanitary and flat roof products for more than 45 years.

GRUMBACH offers the largest range of products for flat roofs, including roof drains, roof ventilators and accessories for draining and venting flat roofs.

The sanitary program includes sanitary blocks for pre-wall installation, shower floor systems for building of floor-level showers, prefabricated bathrooms (complete bathrooms) and prefabricated showers (complete showers).

narrow bathroom with shower floor element and corner block