Grumbach – innovation, competence and experience

Grumbach – Today this name stands for innovation, competence and experience in the flat roof area. Our family company has been successfully developing, producing and selling problem solutions for practical requirements since 1974. Here is a look at the company’s history:

New prefabricated bathroom series INDIVIDUAL
Eingebauter Grumbach-Eck-WC-Stein und Duschboden

A variant of the new INDIVIDUAL prefabricated bathroom series will be presented at all important trade exhibitions (SHK-Essen, IFH / INTHERM Nuremberg and GET-Nord-Hamburg).


Senior partner Emil Grumbach died on December 8th, 2017 at the age of 84.

Eccentric Drain und Attic Power Drain
Eccentric Drain und Attic Power Drain

Eccentric Drain und Attic Power Drain are the interesting product innovations from the roof drainage sector.

WC block 20 cm SLIM-Block

is the name of the company’s new major product innovation. With its 20 cm width, the SLIM-BLOCK is considered the narrowest wall-mounted WC element on the market. In conjunction with the matching angle elements, it is the ideal solution for narrow “hose bathrooms”.

75 years of GRUMBACH
Eingebauter Grumbach-Eck-WC-Stein und Duschboden

On August 1st, 2013 the company celebrated its 75th anniversary with an “Open House”.

Change in the company management

In 2011, Susanne Konstantinidis, a graduate in business administration, was appointed to the management as the successor to Emil Grumbach.
After 39 years, the Emil Grumbach era as managing director came to an end. The third generation completely took over the management.

New product line Shower Floor Systems
Eingebauter Grumbach-Eck-WC-Stein und Duschboden

The first GRUMBACH shower floor system (shower floor element + adjustment support element) for the installation of floor-level showers was presented with great success at the international ISH trade fair in Frankfurt.

Third generation takes responibility

In 2004 the decision was made that the company should remain family-owned in the future. Emil Grumbach’s four daughters (Rita Günther, Susanne Konstantinidis, Stephanie Godow and Julia Lengfeld) became partners. Business school graduate Lazaros Konstantinidis was appointed as the second managing director alongside Emil Grumbach.

A corner pre-wall installation is introduced
First Corner WC Block 1998

In 1998 the first two WC blocks for corner installation were successfully launched onto the market.

The company founder died on June 2nd, 1996 at the age of 84.
A new generation of pre-wall installations is born
A new generation of pre-wall installations is born

PUR sanitary mounting blocks (sanitary blocks) were presented for the first time at the IFH ’94 in Nuremberg and these made possible a new and simple method of pre-wall installation. The first two sanitary mounting blocks (sanitary blocks) were:

  • the Universal Block 108 cm high and
  • the Universal Block 83 cm high.
The first prefabricated shower, the first prefabricated bathroom and the first roof drain

In 1975 the first prefabricated bathrooms, prefabricated showers and roof drains are in serial production and being marketed. As regards flat roof drainage the company offers the widest range of roof drains in Europe.

The second generation takes over the leadership of the enterprise

In 1972 Karl Grumbach handed over the entire management to his son Emil Grumbach. Emil Grumbach joined the company as an apprentice in 1947 and took over the technical management of the company in 1954. Emil Grumbach kept working on new problem solutions for practice. In the course of his life he was able to register a total of more than 30 utility models and 13 patents. The most important developments by Emil Grumbach include

  • 1950: Folding bench for hand and foot operation by one person (Today in use almost everywhere.)
  • 1960: Electrical screw stock for thread cutting (This solution is also in wide-spread use by installers.)
  • 1960: Prefabricated Pre-Wall Installations
  • 1961: Adjustable screw fitting for installation elements
  • 1961: Visible and concealed cisterns
  • 1964: Coverings for installations
  • 1965: Development of installation or room units
  • 1966: Development of outflows for showers, roof and balcony
  • 1968: Development of floor-level shower trays (belong today to the standard range of any shower tray manufacturer)
  • 1972: Development of sanitary cubicles, prefabricated bathrooms and prefabricated showers
  • 1981: Pipe connections and attachments
  • 1982: Development of incubators
  • 1992: Development of sanitary mounting blocks for pre-wall installation in PUR
The workshop becomes an idustrial enterprise

During the 1950s GRUMBACH was already devising and putting into effect solutions to problems arising in the workplace, but primarily for its own use. However it was quickly recognised that these solutions might also be of interest to people in other workshops. Since 1965 they have manufactured and sold installation elements or sanitary prefabrications and drainage units for roofs and balconies.

Foundation by Karl Grumbach

On August 1, 1938, the 26-year-old plumber and installation master Karl Grumbach founded his workshop for plumbing, heating and plumbing in Wetzlar – Münchholzhausen.