Sanitary Program


The sanitary range includes the product areas of sanitary blocks for front-wall installation, shower floor systems for creating floor-level showers, prefabricated bathrooms (complete bathrooms) and prefabricated showers (complete showers).

Grumbach Flat Roof Program 2020

Sanitary blocks

Grumbach Corner-WC-Blocks, WC-Blocks and SLIM-Blocks – our PUR elements for pre-wall installation make planning and assembly much easier, even for “problem bathrooms”!

Shower floor systems

Shower base elements made of PUR on robust support elements – that is the resilient Grumbach solution for the quick installation of floor-level showers.

Prefabricated showers

Simply set it up, connect and shower – this principle applies from the inexpensive standard shower to the comfortable senior shower to the extra stable pre-fab shower.

Prefabricated bathrooms

Time, cost and space saving in planning and assembly, easy to transport, fully equipped, durable, resilient and easy to care for. Ideal for renovation and modernization.